Purchasing A Printer For Your Poster Printing Needs

Marketing and advertising play an integral role in ensuring business continuity. This is why businesses invest heavily in tools and equipment that make it easier to perform their marketing and advertising tasks promptly and efficiently.  A great example of marketing collateral used by businesses to raise awareness on products, services, events and to pass on other business information are posters. While some businesses may outsource their printing, in the long term, it is cheaper and better to invest in a high-quality printer for in-house poster printing. But what should you look out for when selecting high quality printers for this purpose? Can the business engage in printer and photocopier leasing instead of purchasing?

Industrial printers

In order to achieve the exceptional quality required for your event's posters, you must invest in an industrial printer. While a home office printer can print, it cannot achieve the quality and speed required for event posters especially when your company organises or hosts events frequently. Image sharpness, articulate text and the prerequisite colour intensity can only be achieved with printers specifically designed for printing posters.

Cost of Printing and maintenance

At the end of the day, the cost of operating the printer plays a role in the profitability of your business or company. As such, it is essential to invest in a printer that not only delivers high quality printouts but also retains low costs of operation. To determine the expected cost of each printout, you should consider the cost of paper, the cost of toners, the electricity used by the printer and the human resources utilised during the process. 

Technical abilities

What poster sizes can the printer produce? Can the printer accommodate different paper textures and sizes? While your initial poster needs are important, it is also paramount to consider your future needs. If you foresee changes in the poster requirements as your company or business grows, it is important to acquire a printer that can accommodate these changes in the long run in order to prevent high replacement costs a few months into the business.

Leasing printers

There are three scenarios where the business can lease printers and photocopiers. First is if the poster printing requirements are of a short-term nature. Second, in the case that the business does not have the resources to acquire a high-quality printer at the beginning and may require time to organise for the capital required. Third is if the printer purchasing process is expected to take a long period of time and therefore the business hires one for use in the meantime.

Whether you are purchasing or leasing a printer, identifying the technical requirements makes the process easier and faster. Before you kick start the process, you must ensure that your team has identified different models that can serve the intended purpose seamlessly. Another benefit of knowing the exact specifications of the printer beforehand is that you will not be tricked into purchasing or leasing a printer that will not serve the intended purpose efficiently. Besides, it eliminates the confusion that may emanate from not understanding what these specifications mean and therefore delay the decision-making process.